Maintaining Your Diligence / Our Referrals

When choosing the right mediator, please exercise your own intelligence and maintain diligence

At Premier Mediation Australia we greatly care for our clients and do all we can to provide you with the most highly professional service possible. We are fully up-front about our professional qualifications, and everything we do. And we certainly also wish you very well in whatever means you seek to approach your disputes.

But please remain aware that – unfortunately – anyone can currently refer to themselves by terms such as ‘Mediator’, ‘Counsellor’, ‘Consultant’, ‘Therapist’, ‘Trainer’, ‘Relationship Strategist’, ‘Life Coach’ ‘Conflict Manager’ etc. etc. etc. This includes those who hold themselves out with very few actual credentials, some with very elementary basic ones, or in some cases none at all. We recommend maintaining diligence at all times to choose the correct mediator.

Whilst you consider making decisions about who to trust to guide you through this incredibly challenging and legally complex phase of your life (a time when major life decisions about the future of your children and your worldly assets need to be made, and stress levels are understandably high) PLEASE take the time to check the following:

  • Review the actual professional qualifications of those offering services to you. Don’t be hesitant to ask about them. If they have virtually none, probably best to keep walking.
  • Ask yourself whether or not the person or persons you are seeking to assist you in this crucial time will have the genuine professional qualifications, background knowledge and demonstrated skills to assist in your particular case.
  • We are aware that some people like to research a lot and read on-line articles and comments. This can be commendable, but please make sure that the information sources are reliable and relevant. Australia’s Family Law system is very different to other countries –  so while some information from overseas may be helpful in general, the specific legal information may be misleading. If you are reading something and the writer uses terms such as ‘custody’, ‘visitation’ and ‘access’ the article or post has presumably been written by someone who may not be talking about or who understands the Australian Family Law or the legal system. We talk about ‘care’, ‘living with’ and ‘spending time with’ rather than custody, visitation and access.
  • Remember that not all mediators are equal, a point clearly made in a recent research report on mandatory mediation by those with only basic, bare bones training, finding ‘great variation …in the quality of services and skill of individual practitioners’. By checking qualifications and credentials, you will be able to maintain diligence and choose a mediator that best suits you.
  • Be aware of flashy websites, over-the-top ‘strategic’ titles, inflated marketing claims and promotions touted across social media outlets, a series of blurred roles and vested interests, anonymous phone numbers and message services listed on network web pages, call centres, add-on services, kickbacks, and a bevy of posed studio photos. None of these will be of much assistance to you in your time of need. You need professional guidance to assist and support you through your challenges – not to be lured by a beauty contest.
  • Unfortunately, it is possible that you could fork out large amounts of your hard-earned money to engage the services of persons with little or no qualifications. Remember that high fees do not necessarily equate to actual professional qualifications.

Remain aware that unqualified, expensive ‘advice’ could actually serve to make your situation worse, and also negatively impact upon your children, who may already be in a vulnerable position. The last thing you need right now is people offering you basic and lightweight information, which is more likely to benefit them than you.

Also, remain alert to the fact that training for counsellors varies considerably, and whilst many persons will cheerfully offer opinions, not all have the professional knowledge, training and experience in this field to be of much effective assistance to you.

Referrals (only if required)

At Premier Mediation Australia we have forged a highly valuable network of associated professionals, whom we can refer you to if they can be of assistance to you and the individual circumstances of your case – if, and only if, they can be of direct benefit to you. These professionals can offer support in a wide range of areas of need, including legal, emotional, community resources and financial.

But please also rest assured that if referrals are required or requested, we will only provide the names of fully qualified and ethical practitioners – highly-respected, industry leaders.

For you, it will be quality all the way.


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