The General Mediation Process & What To Expect

Premier Mediation Australia – Our General Mediation Process

At Premier Mediation Australia the mediation process generally moves through two distinct phases, namely pre-mediation and joint mediation.


Each party attends a confidential pre-mediation interview, either face-to-face, via zoom or by telephone.  During this session – which usually lasts about one hour – the mediator will clarify the upcoming process, answer questions, get an understanding of the issues the person wishes to address, check that the person has the capacity to communicate and negotiate within the mediation setting, and discuss logistics such as a suitable time and date for joint mediation. The information provided at this session will also assist each party to prepare for the upcoming mediation.

Parties will be asked to sign the ‘Agreement To Mediate’ form prior to the joint mediation being held. 

Joint Mediation

As its title implies, the joint mediation session is the meeting which all parties attend with the mediator. The structure of this session is generally as follows:

Opening Statements By The Mediator

The mediator welcomes all parties and clarifies the ‘Agreement To Mediate’ document, the mediation process and the applicable ground rules for the mediation.

Opening Statements By The Participants

Each participant is given an uninterrupted opportunity to briefly outline the issues they would like to discuss during the mediation session(s). 

Setting The Agenda

The mediator summarises the issues and helps the parties to form an agenda for the session.

Exploration And Negotiation

The mediator facilitates collaborative negotiation which looks at the perspective of each party, what they would like to change or the outcomes they would like, any underlying interests and concerns they have, and any proposals they wish to put forward.

Private Sessions

Brief private sessions can be used as an opportunity to take time out from the exploration and negotiation to speak confidentially with the mediator and/or an advisor. Any party can request a break or a private session with the mediator at any time.


Any agreements that are reached are reviewed for practicality and application in the real world, and then documented as ‘Terms of Settlement’ where appropriate.

The standard mediation process can be varied where there is concern regarding suitability or it isn’t possible for parties to participate at the same time in the same venue. Alternative mediation methods include shuttle mediation, video mediation and mediator facilitated negotiation services. The mediator can meet with the parties jointly or separately, as is deemed necessary by the mediator.

Single issue mediations will usually only require a single two or three hour session, however progress is reviewed at the end of each mediation and further sessions can be booked if required.

Free Consultation/Diagnostic Session

We offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation for all potential clients, during which we can discuss the circumstances of your particular case and provide guidance about the best ways for you to move forward. Call us today on 0477 130 667.

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For face-to-face mediations, we have excellent access to numerous private facilities all across Melbourne and Victorian regional areas. Suitable meeting rooms can be arranged depending on client’s needs and convenience.

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