Additional Mediation Services

General Mediation Services Offered By Premier Mediation Australia

Mediation is a an empowering, confidential and voluntary process in which the independent mediator assists the parties to identify and assess options, and then negotiate an agreement to resolve their dispute. When facilitated by a skilful and knowledgeable mediator, the Mediation process provides a highly efficient and vastly less costly alternative to taking matter to court. The parties engaging in mediation may be individuals, or representatives of organisations. At Premier Mediation Australia we consistently help parties get to the key issues of their disputes, and therefore achieve high settlement rates across a wide variety of matters, both commercial and personal in nature.

In addition to being an Accredited Mediator under the National Accreditation Mediation Scheme (NMAS), an experienced facilitator, and a respected problem-solver our Principal:

  • Has strong legal knowledge and many years of practical experience in various commercial, executive, and property law/conveyancing related matters, equipping him to grasp technical complexities and interpret legislative requirements in a wide variety of disputes.
  • Has considerable expertise in the area of workplace/employment, including assisting with the legal carriage of cases through the Fair Work Commission system.
  • Has facilitated and taught a multitude of workplace training courses in change management.
  • Has substantial experience working with self-represented persons and those with vulnerabilities
  • As a respected educator, our Principal understands the school systems as well as anyone, and is particularly well placed to assist in disputes related to the education/training sector. He also has extensive experience assisting students (and their families) with special and exceptional needs.

When Mediation Services Are Appropriate

Mediation is ideally suited to a large range of disputes. At Premier Mediation Australia we are extremely well qualified and only too happy to help you with all areas of Mediation, including the following:

 Workplace Disputes/Workplace Culture/Harassment

School/Education Disputes/Special Education Matters/Bullying

Elder Disputes
NB: Our Principal is a member of the Elder Mediation Australasian Network (EMAN)

Business/Commercial/Contractual Disputes

Consumer Claims

Real Estate/Tenancy/Lease Disputes

Family Disputes

Will/Estate Disputes

Sporting/Social Group Disputes

Interpersonal Disputes

Clubs/Organisation Disputes

 Community Disputes

 Neighbour Disputes

 Farming Disputes

 Court-Ordered Mediations

The General Mediation Process and What To Expect

Free Consultation/Diagnostic Session

We offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation for all potential clients, during which we can discuss the circumstances of your particular case and provide guidance about the best ways for you to move forward. Call us today on 0477 130 667.

Or you can contact us via our email: 

You can also send through a contact form to Premier Mediation Australia. We will be in touch promptly to discuss your needs and requirements and assist you to achieve the best outcome for your family.


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For face-to-face mediations, we have excellent access to numerous private facilities all across Melbourne and Victorian regional areas. Suitable meeting rooms can be arranged depending on client’s needs and convenience.

 All of our on-line services are available both locally and Australia-wide.