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Premier Mediation Australia offers the services of exceptionally-qualified, legally-trained professional experts. Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and Mediation facilitated by our team is much more likely to lead to an outcome that suits all members of the family, and it’s also vastly cheaper and much more expedient than going to court.


Our personalised methods at Premier Mediation Australia are based on principles of voluntary self-determination and client empowerment. With a confident sense of professional calmness, we can assist parents to make respectful decisions about raising healthy children, and also help them to keep their children away from conflict.

Our Principal is also formally trained in Child-Inclusive Mediation and Counselling, and Collaborative Family Law, fully satisfying the training practice guidelines for effective case management issued by the Law Council of Australia and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. He can therefore offer clients expertise in these types of services if they are considered suitable to their personal situation.

Learn more about Child-Inclusive Mediation and Counselling and Collaborative Family Law.

Principal: Dr Brian Williams

‘I am not only a highly passionate advocate of the benefits of Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation, but unlike many others, I am also in a professional position to be able to so favourable compare it to the less productive alternatives. 

Over many years, I have witnessed first-hand the carnage, turmoil and upheaval that lengthy court processes can impose on the lives of really good people. The process can be destructive, traumatic, drawn-out, racked with stress and uncertainty, and, of course, prohibitively expensive. It exacts an incredible emotional toll on people, leaving them personally and financially crushed.

By stark contrast, I now find it so incredibly rewarding to help separated couples move through their conflicts as they work with us in a settlement-orientated process, seeing them reach lasting, better quality agreements that help them to positively move forward with their lives, whilst also enhancing the lives of their children’.

 Dr Brian Williams
 Ph.D, LLB (1st Class Honours),
FDRP, NMAS Mediator
Principal, Premier Mediation Australia

View Qualifications & Accreditations
  • Ph.D (Monash University)
  • LLB (1st Class Honours)
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (with Merit)
  • Master of Educational Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Special Education
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution
  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment
  • Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (Attorney-General’s Department)
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS)
  • Certified Child Inclusive Mediator and Counsellor
  • Certified Professional in Collaborative Family Law
  • Approved and Licensed Provider – New Ways For Families: Parenting Without Conflict Program (High Conflict Institute USA).
Brian Williams Ph.D, LLB (1st Class Honours), FDRP, NMAS Mediator

Our Mission

At Premier Mediation Australia  we aim to provide the best practice Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and Mediation services available to our valued clients and referrers in the most professional, cost effective, practical and supportive manner possible.

We want to make a real difference to our clients by genuinely assisting them to reach quality solutions, whilst also helping to alleviate the burden on them during this most difficult personal and financial time of their lives.

With empathy and compassion as our cornerstones, our clients and their needs are the central focus in everything we do.

Why Premier Mediation Australia?

Professional Standing

 Outstanding Knowledge

Client Trust

  • At Premier Mediation Australia we are very proud to offer clients our leading, fully professional Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and General Mediation services – yet we are also very budget-friendly and practical in our approach.

  • With our streamlined and boutique methods at Premier Mediation Australia, we not only save you a lot of money, but we also work towards much quicker, better prepared and more efficient turnarounds than you can experience elsewhere.

  • At Premier Mediation Australia we create a helpful experience for you. We fully appreciate the important challenges that people face trying to juggle work and family obligations during this difficult time. We therefore work alongside our valued clients, offering flexibility, including after-hours and weekend options, and Australia-wide on-line/telephone services if required.

  • At Premier Mediation Australia we provide a highly personal, individualised and bespoke service – fully aware that EVERY case is different and unique. We are exceedingly patient, and will slow down enough to clearly hear YOUR individual story. Our aim at all times is to genuinely get to the heart of the problems so that they can be resolved with empathy. We are fully independent, fully confidential and non-judgemental.

  • When ‘One-Size-Doesn’t-Fit-All’… Although many Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and Mediation services adopt a ‘cookie cutter’ approach, this has no place with us. At Premier Mediation Australia, we tailor our services to meet YOUR needs. We allow for individual differences, and are adaptable – our clients feel supported and acknowledged. With us, you will be treated as a person, not just a case number.

  • At Premier Mediation Australia you will not be rushed along, nor will you, or your important case, be merely shuffled from one person to another. As private providers, we can organise your initial practitioner meeting at short notice, and there is no requirement for you to attend mandatory group information sessions prior to this occurring.

  • At Premier Mediation Australia you will work with the same exceptionally-trained, energetic, practitioner throughout your entire experience – right through your first contact, intake and mediation sessions, and also through the essential follow up beyond. This professional approach is not only convenient and comforting, but it also averts the trauma that you can experience by having to continually explain – and then explain again – the circumstances of your case to different people.

  • At Premier Mediation Australia your accredited specialist will not only come to know all the aspects of your case extremely well, but will also develop a personal interest in wanting to see you succeed in achieving your goals.

  • With all our family law matters at Premier Mediation Australia, we adopt a child focussed process at all times, always prioritising their best interests and welfare. Experts in child development, we know that all children face unique challenges when their parents separate.

 If you want the best for your children, please contact us.

Whilst at Premier Mediation Australia we will intently listen to the background of your situation, we will also remain future focussed, systematically addressing the problems in a positive manner to reach workable, quality solutions.

Family Law Disputes

As a worst-case scenario, the terrible news for anyone experiencing separation, divorce, relationship issues or parenting disputes is the horrendous prospect that they may be facing years and years of highly-expensive, combative, frustrating and unproductive court battles as they attempt to address their future needs. Leading case studies conducted over many years have characterised these court experiences very negatively, with a recent article published by the Australian Centre for Justice Innovation bluntly describing them as: ‘too expensive, slow, unequal, uncertain, incomprehensible, fragmented and adversarial’.  Even more markedly, the stress and anger generated by such proceedings does little to promote co-operative parenting after separation, passing on incredibly harmful impacts to innocent children.

Court is NEVER the only option!! 

General Mediation

With the guidance of an independent and skilled mediator, the mediation process can be successfully employed to assist people and organisations resolve a large range of disputes, all with a minimum of fuss, delay and expense.

As fully accredited NMAS specialists we also proudly offer expert services in all of the major areas of dispute in which mediation can prove to be invaluable.

To learn more about our second-to-none mediation services please click here for more information.

General Mediation

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Mediator Facilitated Negotiations

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Let Us Help You

As a service to assist you, a great deal of educative and informative material about Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and Mediation has been included on many of the pages of our website.
We invite you to browse through this material, and please feel free to reach out and contact us with any queries you may have.
Whatever you do, don’t suffer in silence.
We are only too willing and eager to help you at all times.

Free Consultation/Diagnostic Session

We offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation for all potential clients, during which we can discuss the circumstances of your particular case and provide guidance about the best ways for you to move forward. Call us today on 0477 130 667.

Or you can contact us via our email:


You can also send through a contact form to Premier Mediation Australia. We will be in touch promptly to discuss your needs and requirements and assist you to achieve the best outcome for your family.


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For face-to-face mediations, we have excellent access to numerous private facilities all across Melbourne and Victorian regional areas. Suitable meeting rooms can be arranged depending on client’s needs and convenience.

 All of our on-line services are available both locally and Australia-wide.